Monday, April 17, 2006

John Worship 1595-1599

I first heard of the Clergy Database web site at the Guild seminar in Plymouth.

A quick search reveals a John Worship, a Stipendiary Curate at Lewisham from 1595-1598 and a curate in 1599. The source for the information on the web page is given as PRO, E179/50 (Clerical Subsidy records)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Henry Verelst Worship - Attorney at Law

A vellum Indenture on four large sheets being a Release of a Dwelling house, Shop and Warehouses in the Market Place, Great Yarmouth (subject to a Mortgage thereon) dated 25 March 1835, Mr James Harman and wife to Mr Charles Moore.

Parties to Document
James HARMAN, Gentleman, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Husband of Sarah HARMAN
Sarah HARMAN, Of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Wife of James HARMAN
Charles MOORE, Woollen Draper, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Thomas MOXON, Esquire, of Twickenham, Surrey

Other Names Mentioned in Document
Charles BELL, Commissioner for taking the acknowledgement of Deeds by women. Signed document in respect of Sarah Harman

Giles BORRETT, Surgeon, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Party to Indentures dated 28 July 1812 and 20 March 1828

Mr CRANE, Owner of adjoining property

Christopher Taylor ELLIS, Of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Occupant of adjoining property

Richard FERRIER, Woollen Draper, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Former occupant of part of property

William MABSON, Of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Occupant of adjoining property

Margaret MITCHELL, Widow, of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Former occupant of adjoining property

Thomas MORSE, See Thomas MOXON

Thomas MOXON, Esquire, of Lound, Suffolk. A handwritten note at the side of the document indicates that Moxon should read Morse. Party to Indentures dated 8 October 1808 and 28 July 1812

Nathl PALMER, Commissioner for the acknowledgement of Deeds by women. Signed document in respect of Sarah Harman

Henry Verelst WORSHIP, Attorney at Law. Party to Indenture dated 8 October 1808

Document Signed and Sealed by
James HARMAN,Sarah HARMAN,Thomas MOXON & Charles MOORE

Witnesses (with signature to document)
John CLOWES, Solicitor of Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Edward STAGG, Clerk to H Worship, Solicitor, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
Andrew STOREY, Bank Chambers, Lothbury

F Worship - Sheffield England

Before Christmas last year Channel 4 (in the UK) ran a series called Not Forgotten about those who perished in the First WorldWar. There web site at has a search facility where you can check not only for those who lost their lives, but also those who fought and returned from the war. A search of the site revealed there was only one Worship listed, an F Worship who appears on the memorial of Sheffield & Ecclesall Co-operative Society.

Worship One Name Study

I Registered with the Guild of One Name Studies the name of WORSHIP in December 2005. The surname is the name of my husband's paternal grandmother. I've also registered the varients of WURSHIP, WORSHIPS, WORSHIPP. The database is a new one, but is gathering information from all across the globe.

This web page has a search engine, where you can enter a given surname and the site returns a map showing where the surname occurs. This is the results for the name of WORSHIP in the United States, unsurprisingly, the are no occurances of the name of Worship in Italy.